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My approach is collaborative, supportive, non-judgmental, and based on your unique needs. I work with a wide array of concerns including:
  • anxiety and depression: examine what may be blocking true happiness
  • relationships: learn to connect to yourself and others on a deeper level
  • self-judgment and self-empowerment: move past critical, self-limiting beliefs
  • loss: honor and transcend circumstances that are keeping you stuck in the past
  • addiction and compulsive behaviors: find a healthy balance 
  • trauma: work through unresolved or reoccurring pain
  • spirituality and purpose: discover who you really are
Do you feel like you are drowning in the overwhelm of the day to day?
Taking another yoga class, buying another self-help book, or trying to use sheer willpower doesn't always help.
Therapy is different.
You can reclaim your power and create a life you love.


Expressing your feelings of self-doubt, hopes, and fears can seem hard. However, it is often harder to remain stuck in painful patterns.
Examining your life with a therapist can provide insight into your actions and change self-limiting perspectives and behaviors.
Using an integrative blend of many modalities, I help clients find new ways to connect to themselves, others, and their potential in order to become aligned with their highest values.
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Using a neuroscience based form of play therapy, I teach kids how to self-regulate during overwhelming experiences.
Rather than telling kids what they "should" do, which often does not make sense to them, I work with challenges as they arise, moment to moment, in the playroom.  
By modeling ways to express or move energy, I help kids connect to themselves so that they can make healthier choices and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.
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In individualized one-on-one sessions, I can help you look at what lies beneath the thoughts and patterns that are keeping you from loving your body.
After working with many different types of eating disorders, I developed my own approach to helping clients lose weight and/or learn radical self acceptance.
Together we can shed light on what perpetuates your personal struggle with food, body image, and exercise to discover a new way of being. 
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